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This section contains a collection of my articles and my columns of note. Additionally, I'll include a link to some original short stories I have contributed to over the past little while, which you can check out by clicking here.

C'mon Hollywood: We Need More Female Superheroes
Behind-the-Scenes at Pixar with the Cars 2 Team
The Real-Life Inspirations For Some Of Hollywood's Most Iconic Characters
They Were HOW Old? Some of Hollywood's Oldest "High-Schoolers"
The Voices Behind Some Of Your Favourite Animated Characters
The British Are Coming! Foreign Actors Playing American Characters
TV Shows Well-Worth Watching: Skins UK
Want To Own Something Pointy? Dragon Age Replica Swords Are For You!
The Incredible Screencap Challenge

Talking Comics:
DC Cuts Six Comics from the DC New 52

Neverending Story Project:
Pamela Des Barres: The Icon Behind The Music – An Interview
Are eReaders Ruining Your Chances Of Meeting A Nice Guy Or Girl?
My Love/Hate Relationship With My eReader
Terribly Dysfunctional But Beyond Talented: Amy Winehouse R.I.P.

Cool Geek Stuff:
May the odd be ever in your flavour…
Geronimo! Travel through time and space with these Doctor Who Board Games
The Art of Megan Lara
The Pumpkin Geek
Trekkie Must-Haves

The Face-Off:
Zombieland vs. Shaun of the Dead
Billy Madison vs. Happy Gilmore
Real Steel vs. Transformers 3

C&G Magazine:
Choplifter HD Review

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